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Prof. Dr. Harold Koontz - Biography and Contribution - Principles of Management

Harold Koontz was born on 19 May 1908

 Prof. Koontz started as a professor of Management in the UCLA School of Business (now the Graduate School of Management) in 1950, after extensive business experience and government service. He retired in July 1979.

Harold Koontz had a remarkable career in working with top managers in business and government and in teaching and writing in the field of the management of organizations.

His first book, (Men, Groups and the Community) was produced in 1939 with T. H. Robinson and others. A number of his books were milestones in management literature, the most outstanding was the one  written with Prof. Cyril O'Donnell and later Prof. Hans Weihrich, was Principles of Management. This book, first published in 1955  has been translated into fifteen foreign languages. When published the book immediately became a dominant textbook, a position it still holds, and is required reading for students and managers throughout the world seeking a basic understanding of the management processes.

A number of his other books broke new paths in management thought. Two are particularly noteworthy. In 1964, with other authors, Prof. Koontz sought to build a unified management discipline from the many different approaches to management with the publication of Towards a Unified Theory of Management. In 1975, with Prof. Robert Fulmer, he published A Practical Introduction to Business, now in its fourth edition, which was an instant success in universities and colleges.

He consistently contributed to the analysis and study of management through the publication of ninety articles in professional and scholarly journals.

Prof. Koontz's scholarship and professional contributions were recognized with many personal honors of which the most noteworthy was his association with the Academy of Management. In 1957 he was named a fellow of the Academy of Management, and in 1962 a fellow of the International Academy of Management. He was President of the Academy of Management (1963). From 1975 to 1982 he served as Chancellor of the International Academy of Management.

Professor Emeritus Prof. Harold Koontz, age 75, died February 11, 1984.


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